Buy Back Program

We will not have a Buy Back program for the 2020 Season.

We are having the buy back program this year.  If your child outgrew their uniform or is not returning, you can turn it in to be sold.

The BAYFA office will not pay out on any sold items until after final fitting on June 8th at which time you will have 30 days to collect your money and/or remaining items.

BAYFA does not guarantee any payments on uniforms and we do not accept responsibility for the sale of your uniform. This is a service we provide only.  Price for each item available for buy back are set by BAYFA and are listed below accordingly.

Shell $       50.00
Skirt $       35.00
Custom Body Wrap (6-7) $       35.00
Warm Up Jacket $       35.00
Warm Up Pant $       20.00
BAYFA Team Jacket $       50.00

Dance Uniform $       50.00
Warm Up Jacket  $       35.00
Warm Up Pant  $       20.00
BAYFA Team Jacket $       50.00

*Shoes and bloomers may be brought for donation but will not be sold

NOTE: East item Must be laundered, have a hanger for each piece, items may not have rips, holes, tears, or stains, items will be looked over before accepted.

We will begin taking buy backs March 4, 2019. Uniforms will NOT be taken the day of fitting!  They are sold on a first come first serve basis.  You will not be able to call and ‘reserve’ a piece of any uniform.

**Click HERE for specific instruction on what you will need to do in order to have your items as part of the buy back.