Tackle FAQ’s

Tackle Football Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Q. What is the minimum fee to participate in tackle football for 2023?

A. Minimum (requires a club fundraiser) Pre-Season registration fee is $245.00 ($345.00 without fundraiser) if you register before June 19th, 2023. On June 19th and thereafter, the regular season fee (if you elect to do a club fundraiser) of $265.00 will apply ($365.00 w/o fundraiser). The INFC states all clubs must register every Athlete until July 20th. Registrations taken after July 20th will be done so on a grade and needs basis.

Q. How do I register my Athlete for tackle football?

A. Follow the registration link provided on this website

Q. Will there be a fundraiser?

A. Yes, there is a mandatory fundraiser. The following information is taken directly from the member’s rules & regulations:

  • You and your child are required to participate in one major fundraiser each year. The BAYFA Board or Directors will specify the fundraiser. Participation means that your son/daughter must sell and collect a minimum of ten (10) items, prorated at $10.00 per item. You as parents/guardians are responsible for the merchandise and/or money. The merchandise and/or money must be picked up and returned at the designated time place specified by the BAYFA Board of Directions. Failure to comply will result in your son/daughter not being allowed to participate in practices or games until such time that these requirements are met. Those of you who are strongly opposed to participating in the fundraiser may be granted an exemption by paying a fee of $100.00 per registration.

Q. When will the fundraiser take place?

A. The selling of fundraiser cards can begin immediately upon registration of your Athlete once you receive the cards from our office.

Q. My Athlete has never participated before. Once I sign them up, what do I need to do next?

A. Once you have registered your Athlete, they will need to be fitted for their individual football equipment which is provided by BAYFA. There will be a Jersey & Equipment Fitting Event scheduled in June.  Please check the Tackle Dates page for more details.


Q. Does my Athlete need to have a physical?

A. Yes, your Athlete will need to have a sports physical on file with the office before they participate in practices or games. Physicals are good for one year from the date of examination.

Q. Besides a sports physical, is there any other documents that I will need to provide?

A. Yes, a copy of your Athlete’s birth certificate must also be on file before they participates in practice or games.

Q. What item(s) should I purchase/provide for my child to play football?

A. You will need to purchase/provide a football mouthpiece, football cleats, a practice jersey, and a pair of football practice pants.

Q. Where do I purchase practice pants, practice jerseys, and/or football cleats?

A. Sporting Goods stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods provide a great selection for youth Athletes.  Dick’s Sporting Goods is a sponsor of Indian Nation Youth Sports and frequently provides special discounts for Broken Arrow Athletes.  When those special discounts become available, they will be emailed to the email address used when registering your Athlete.

Q. What is a combine?

A. The combine is an opportunity for coaches to view all the Athletes that will be participating in the draft for the upcoming season. The Athletes will need to wear full practice equipment and football cleats to the combine as they will be participating in a few agility drills.

Q. Who needs to participate in the combine?

A. All new football players which are not already assigned to a team, along with any players wishing to move teams or return to the draft.

Q. Where and when is the combine for Broken Arrow?

A. Please check the Tackle Dates page for the most up-to-date information.

Q. How do I know what team my Athlete is on?

A. Once the teams are formed in late July and after the draft, the head coach will contact you with team information including practice times and location.

Q. My Athlete participated last year, do they automatically return to the same team?

A. Yes, unless you or the coach wishes to place your Athlete back into the draft.

Q. What do I need to do if I don’t want my Athlete to return to the same team?

A. When you register your Athlete, please indicate that you wish to return to the draft. Your Athlete will also need to participate in the combine.

Q. How can I have my Athlete placed on a specific team?

A. Our draft rules are governed by INFC and are very specific. Please see the rules/regulations section of the INFC website. The address is www.inyouthfootball.com.

Q. I have twins who would like to play football, can they both be on the same team?

A. It has been BAYFA’s policy to allow siblings in the same grade to participate on the same team.

Q. I have two Athletes who are two years apart, can the both be on the same team?

A. According to INFC rules, a child in the 3rd – 7th grade levels will be allowed to play up one grade level. A player will not be allowed to play down a grade level.

Q. Where will my Athlete practice?

A. Every team practices at different times and locations. Your head coach will contact you and let you know the specifics of where and when practice will be held.

Q. How many times a week will my Athlete have practice?

A. Your Athlete could have practice up to four times a week for a maximum time limit of two hours each practice. Unless approved by the office, no practices will be allowed on Wednesday or Sunday.

Q. When are the games?

A. All games are held on Saturday. The first regular season game is in late August.  Check the Tackle Dates page for updated dates & times.

Q. When will I get my Athlete’s game schedule?

A. All games schedules will be available the week of the first regular season game and are available online at www.inyouthfootball.com. Your coach or team manager will distribute the schedules.

Q. How long are the games?

A. Games are anticipated to be 90 minutes.

Q. What time do I need to have my Athlete at the football field on game days?

A. You will need to have your child at the game field 1 hour before the scheduled game to weight in and properly warm up.

Q. Are all the games played in Broken Arrow?

A. No, not all. Roughly half of the scheduled games are played in Broken Arrow while the remainder of the games will be played at away fields.

Q. Where are the home fields for Broken Arrow?

A. The home fields are located at the new Neinhuis Football Complex. The complex is located on North Lynn Lane between 51st Street and 61st Street.

Q. Does it cost to attend my Athlete’s games?

A. Yes, per INFC rules there is a gate fee. Adults are $5.00, Students (6-18) are $2.00, Seniors 65> $2.00, and children 5< are free. Players and cheerleaders in uniform do not pay to attend any INFC game.

Q. What if I have two children in the program and I have one home game and one away game, will I have to pay a gate fee twice?

A. Yes, gate fees are collected at each clubs home locations.

Q. I have two Athletes in the program and both have games at the same location but different times, will I be required to pay gate fee twice?

A. You will be able to obtain a stamp at the gate before you leave the first game to allow you to re-enter the second game at no charge.

Q. After the season what equipment must I return.

Upon completion of the season, you will need to return all your Athlete’s issued equipment. Typically this included: Football Helmet, Shoulder Pads, 7-Piece Pad set, belt and game pants. Decals located on the side of the helmet are yours and can be removed as a keepsake upon completion of the season. Player equipment must be returned by December 1st.

Q. When is my Athlete’s equipment due back into the Football office?

A. To avoid any late rental penalties, Football equipment must be returned to the BAYFA office no later than December 1st. In the event your child is entered into a post-season tournament which takes place after December 1st, exceptions to the equipment rental policies can and must be made in writing to the BA Youth Football office prior to December 1st.

Q. What is the INFC?

A. The INFC stands for Indian Nations Football Conference. This is the parent conference which Broken Arrow Youth Football is associated with. The INFC handles all scheduling of pre-season, post-season, and league games. The INFC also handles all scheduling of league officials. Broken Arrow Youth Football is an INFC league sanctioned club and thus fall under all rules set forth by the Conference. For a copy of the INFC rulebook as well as contact and misc. information about the INFC, you can either click on the link provided or go to: www.inyouthfootball.com.