Flag FAQ’s

BAYFA Flag Football Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How are the teams formed?

A: Grades K-1 are combined.  2nd and 3rd grades are by grade level. If we have enough Kindergarteners, we will try to separate them in to their own division. Players are divided evenly through a draft procedure. This could change depending upon the number of participants in each grade level.


Q: When and where are the practices held?

A: Each coach determines the team practice schedule and location. Many coaches will have practices in the evening during the week. BAYFA does not allow the teams to practice on Wednesday or Sunday.


Q: How do I get my child on a specific team?

A: Because teams are formed in by a draft procedure, there is not a guarantee that a child will be able to participate on a team of his/her choice. However, you may request that your child be placed on a specific team by completing the special request box when you complete the registration form.


Q: How do I know what team my child is participating on?

A: After the team draft, the coach of your child’s team will contact you with all the information you will need to know such as first practice, location, time, etc.


Q: What equipment do I need to provide for my child?

A: In flag football there is not much equipment needed. Each player will need a pair of football cleats as well as a team uniform. Uniforms are the responsibility of each parent. Your child’s coach will give you more information on the uniform costs, ordering process, etc. during your team parent meeting.


Q:Who are the coach’s for the Flag teams?

A: Coach’s are parents that volunteer for the position for that year.