Flag Football


* Flag Football is a non contact sport open to all youth who will be in Kindergarten through the 3rd grade. You do NOT have to reside in Broken Arrow to participate in our flag program. Our program is open to all area communities.

* Practices start the week after the draft. Practices are usually 2 per week before games starting, NO PRACTICE after the season starts. Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday(if Possible) at the newly completed football complex at Neinhuis Park. The park is located east of Lynn Lane between 51st and 61st Street, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Each game lasts approximately 1 hr 15 minutes.

* Registration fee is $125.00 which includes flags with flag belt and excess medical insurance. Registration fee does not include uniform.

* We do not charge a gate fee for flag games.

* There is no league fundraiser for flag football.