Spirit FAQ’s


Frequently Asked Questions about BAYFA Youth Spirit (Cheer/Pom) Program

Cheer Director: Charissa Bustamante,  bayfacheer@youthfootball.com

Pom Director: Cailey Rogers,  bayfatigettes@youthfootball.com

Q:  My child doesn’t have any cheer experience, tumbling skills, dance skills, or other training etc., can she/he still register?

A:  Yes, your child may participate. Our coaching staff will teach your child basic FUNdamental spirit, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Q:  Will my child be taught tumbling skills while participating in BAYFA?

A:  No, however if your child can confidently and independently perform tumbling skills he/she may do so with parents’ consent.

Q:  Do you hold tryouts?

A:  No, we do not hold tryouts. Everyone who registers, participates.

Q:  How much does it cost to participate?

A:  BAYFA works diligently to provide an affordable program for all Broken Arrow Youth Athletes. Your Athlete will have opportunities to patriciate in Fundraisers to can assist with costs.  Registration Fees will be reduced during Early Registration.  The Early Registration fee for Spirit Teams is $115.00 plus uniform cost. Regular Registration fee for Spirit Teams is $165.00 plus uniform cost. Click on Cheer Cost or Pom Cost in the menu to obtain a uniform cost breakdown.  Once your Athlete has been assigned a squad/team, team dues and fees may also apply and will vary with squad/team assignment.  Squad/Team Directors provide fundraiser opportunities for Athletes to help with those cost as well.

Q:  How many times a week do the squads practice?

A:  The chart below outlines practice regulations that Indian Nation Football Conference (INFC) has established for the Season:

1st & 2nd Grades TBD 2 days maximum 1.5 hour maximum
per day
No Wed or Sun
NO Friday practice
when High School has Home game.
September 15th – change to 1 day per week maximum
3rd & 4th Grades TBD 2 days Maximum 2 hours maximum
per day
No Wed or Sun
NO Friday practice when High School has Home game.
If squad competes one (1) additional day may be added after
September 15th.
5th – 7th Grades TBD 2 days maximum 2 hours maximum
per day
No Wed or Sun
NO Friday practice when High School has Home game.
If squad competes two (2) additional days may be added after September 15th

Q:  Who sets the practice schedule?

A:  The coach will determine the day of the week and time of the practice. Most practice times are generally in the evening: 5:30 or 6:00 start time.

Q:  How long is the season?

A:  Spirit practice traditionally begins mid July.  The exact start date for practice is determined annually by the league. INFC Football games traditionally begin the end of August and continue through the middle November.

Q:  Who, when, and where do the participants cheer?

A:  All Spirit Teams will perform at the tackle football games. All football games are on Saturday. The location and times vary and depend upon the schedule. The schedule won’t be available until mid-August.

All Spirit Teams will travel with the team they cheer for.   The locations of the games are determined by The INFC League and is not something that can be changed.

Q:  My daughter/son participated last year, will she/he return to the same team?

A:  Yes, unless you or the coach wish to place your child in the draft.

Q:  How do I request that my daughter NOT be on a certain team, return to the draft, or be on a team with a family member or friend?

A:  These requests are made during the registration process in the special request box. Please note: a request cannot be guaranteed. BAYFA will try to honor the request to the best of our ability.

Q:  Will there be a fundraiser?

A:  Yes, there is a mandatory fundraiser. The following has been taken directly from the member’s rules that you agreed to during the registration process:

Your Athlete will need to participate in one major fundraiser each season. The BAYFA Board of Directors will specify the fundraiser. Participation means that your Athlete will be required to sell a minimum of 10 fundraising cards at a total cost of $10.00 each. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the merchandise and/or money. The merchandise and/or money will be picked up and returned at the designated time and place specified by the BAYFA Board of Directors. Failure to comply would result in your Athlete not being allowed to participate in practices or games until such time that the requirements are met. Those Athletes who choose not to participate in the fundraiser, may have request a Buy-Out fee option of $100.  The Buy-Out fee would be added to the cost of the Athlete’s registration.

Once you have registered your child, you may come by the office to pick up your fundraiser cards to begin selling them.  After the mandatory (10) cards are sold, you may get additional cards to help pay for your Spirit account.  For each additional set of 10 cards, $60.00 will be applied toward your Athlete’s account.  Once the account has a $0 balance, no additional cards will be issued.