Uniform Costs


Uniform costs for 2017

We will be using the same uniforms we purchased last year. 

Package deal includes the following….

Cheer/Pom New Uniform Package….. $240.00 includes the following.

  • Shell (top)
  • Skirt
  • Custom MotionFlex long sleeve competition Shell (Top)
  • Bloomers
  • Shoes
  • Poms
  • Camp Wear (2 sets)



Optional Items available…

  • Warm-up – $65.00.


Buy Back Program Guidelines…


We are having the buy back program again this year.  If your child outgrew her uniform or is not returning, you can turn it in to be sold.  The BAYFA office does not pay you for your items, you will be paid directly from the person buying your uniform.  BAYFA does not guarantee any payments on uniforms and we do not accept responsibility for the sale of your uniform.  This is a service we provide only.  If you plan on purchasing a used uniform for this next season, please be advised that we are only accepting CASH for used items.  Please come to the fitting date prepared.


Prices for uniforms are set by BAYFA and all will be priced accordingly.


Items available for buy back…

  1. Shell $50
  2. Skirt $10
  3. Bodywrap $30
  4. Warm-up Jacket $15.00
  5. Warm-up Pant $15.00


Each piece must…

  1. Be hung on separate hangers,
  2. Have a self addressed stamped envelope for payments with each piece.
  3. Have a index card attached to each piece with your name, number and address on it.
  4. MUST BE CLEAN!!!!


We will begin taking buy backs March 1st and final day to turn them in is April 28th.  Fitting day is set for May 6, 2017 at the BAYFA offices.  That is the earliest the buy backs can be purchased.  They are sold on a first come first serve basis.


Any questions, please call me at 918-317-1133.